Interface Platform FRC-EP150

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FlexRay/CAN/Ethernet Embedded Platform

FRC-EP150 - PC Interface for FlexRay and CAN

WEEE and RoHS conformThe FRC-EP150 is a powerful automotive platform and successor of the proven FR-CCM from IXXAT. The device can be used for both, PC-based and stand-alone applications; at this the scope of functions is defined by loadable software modules.

As an open PC interface, it is measuring hardware for comprehensive analysis tasks for FlexRay and CAN networks. Precise time stamps allow the synchronous logging of FlexRay and CAN messages. The FlexRay analysis is carried out both via the FlexRay protocol chip  and via an asynchronous bit stream analysis, so that both the start-up behavior and the synchronous FlexRay communication can be analyzed. The dual-chip structure of the device enables to start-up FlexRay networks which only have integration-nodes assigned.

The FRC-EP150 can also be used autonomously. Its' powerful micro-controller system in combination with a real-time, extendable operating system, allows the execution of time critical tasks directly on the device. In this way, real-time rest bus simulations, gateways, protocol implementations or emulation functions can be implemented. The communication or configuration is made via Ethernet by using a standard PC.

In addition to two 10 Mbit/s FlexRay channels, the device has two CAN interfaces (ISO/IS 11898-2 high-speed CAN und ISO/IS 11898-3 low-speed CAN).

To control external hardware components four digital outputs and two digital inputs are assembled, which can be used, depending on the selected operation mode, as trigger interfaces (with a defined pulse length) or as pure digital I/Os.  
The scope of supply includes a driver package with tools for configuration and administration (e.g. software/license update and application download). Furthermore, an application interface is included (API) enabling the development of customer specific PC applications for the device.

Technical Data

  • FlexRay 2 x 10 Mbit/s
  • Analysis of the FlexRay start-up behavior (asynchronous analysis mode)
  • 4 x CAN interface
    - 2 x ISO/IS 11898-2 and 11898-3, switchable via software
    - 2 x ISO/IS 11898-2
  • Connection to PC with Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
  • 4 trigger outputs, 2 trigger inputs
  • Galvanical isolation of all inputs/outouts
  • High-quality Lemo® Push/Pull connectors
  • Powerful 32 bit microcontroller system
  • Real-time extended operating system
  • Power supply with 6.5 to 50 V DC
  • Temperature range -40 ... +70 ºC

Contents of delivery

  • FRC-EP150 - FlexRay/CAN PC interface
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Driver CD
  • Manual

Order number
1.01.0102.00014 FRC-EP150 [MFR4310 Dual Chip] - FlexRay/CAN PC-Interface

Additional software
1.02.0243.00000 FlexRay/CAN residual bus simulation
1.02.0244.00000 Gateway configuration software