multibusAnalyser for FlexRay

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multibusAnalyser for FlexRay

Based on the experience made in analyzing automotive bus systems in the CAN area, IXXAT developed it's multibusAnalyser. The multibusAnalyser is operating together with the FlexRay CCM PC interface and provides functions for receiving, transmitting as well as tracing and the interpretation of FlexRay and CAN messages.


多总线分析仪对FlexRay和CAN  - “控制面板”

Function Overview

Reception and display of messages (receive module)
The receive module of the multibusAnalyser provides the online display of the FlexRay and CAN messages (raw data). The messages can be displayed in scroll and overwrite mode. In scroll mode the FlexRay messages are displayed with timestamp, ID, cycle and channel number. In the overwrite mode the messages are displayed in the order of either the identifier, the channel number or FlexRay cycle at cycle reception and are always updated by the latest received messages. 
As a special feature, the receive module highlights the contents of a message which has changed in order to make the changes obvious.
The message status vector is also displayed and interpreted, static and dynamic messages are tagged. The receive module provides filter functions for selecting and displaying data with respect to message cycle, ID, channel number or message status.

FlexRay和CAN的多总线分析仪 - 接收模块

Recording of messages (trace module)
The trace module allows the online logging of the entire communication on hard disk. The received messages (with timestamp, cycle number, ID and channel) as well as relevant errors are recorded for offline evaluation.
The trace module has a manual start/stop function and a trigger/filter mode. Recorded messages can be converted to various formats.
The multibus functionality of the analyser allows the user to analyze FlexRay and CAN systems synchronously.

FlexRay和CAN的多总线分析仪 - 跟踪模块

Display and interpretation of physical signals (signal module)
The signal module enables the interpretation of the signals transmitted in a FlexRay or CAN message. Similar to the receive module, a scroll and an overwrite mode is available for displaying the interpreted signals. The display can be completely customized in order to meet the user requirements. Furthermore, the signal module provides a cycle time monitor. The data interpretation rules are provided according to the ASAM Fibex data description standard. This allows the visualisation of the network, whereby the received signals can be assigned to the devices.

FlexRay和CAN  -  FIBEX信号模块的多总线分析仪

Transmitting of messages (transmit module)
The multibusAnalyser can also be operated as a network node providing the transmission of pre-defined messages.

Multibus-Analyser for FlexRay and CAN - Transmit Module

Scripting Host and .net Interface

The scripting host is a powerful interface which allows the user to adapt the multibusAnalyser quickly and easily to specific simulation and analyzation tasks. For test and device simulation the interface provides functions for the transmission and reception of FlexRay and CAN messages.
The scripting host supports the Windows scripting languages C# and Visual-Basic-Spript as well as .NET visual components.

CAN modules
In addition to the FlexRay function modules the multibusAnalyser provides various modules for CAN analyzing and stimulation of the canAnalyser product (see canAnalyser).

Import/Export Functionality

  • Data interpretation: CAN IXXAT XML, CANdB, Fibex
  • FlexRay: IXXAT INI, Fibex

Hardware Requirements

  • PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • IXXAT FlexRay-CCM or FRC-EP150