inches vertical pumping industrial PC

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Industrial PC C51xx series

Industrial PC C51xx series is designed for 19-inch rack installation and design. Industrial PC series which assembled the highest performance levels of components, if installed in Windows XP Embedded or Windows XP Professional running under TwinCAT automation software, will be the installation of machinery and equipment ideal for applications.

19-inch rack-mount industrial PC C51xx series uses Intel ® Core ™ Duo or Core ™ 2 Duo processing, with a slot motherboard or an ATX motherboard to offer the highest performance levels of control. 19 in. slide-in chassis, although only four height units, but there is still a lot of space inside for any kind of expansion. All existing and future drivers, such as any hard drive capacity, CD / DVD-ROM, multi DVD 4.7 GB and the other drives can be installed in the lockable front cover.

Nameplate on the PC provides detailed configuration information, such as the function, type of data and use of resources (memory and breakpoints, etc.) are included, in order to properly install the card. The data includes not only the drive manufacturer and model information, and also includes the interface and jumper type of information. Well-designed ventilation structure can be formed in the chassis, a small overpressure, can effectively prevent dust intrusion. Holder with a shock and vibration characteristics. C51xx series Industrial PC and control panel can be a combination of operating units.


The computing power can be followed to upgrade the PC market, with the highest performance level. The chassis structure will ensure that all listed in the next few years, any long-term compatibility of new PC components. Can lock in the front cover of a 3.5-inch and three 5.25-inch drive bay. On-board RAID 1 mirroring controller two SATA hard drives. With SATA removable frame can be installed in these two 5.25-inch hard disk drives bomb Gehry. This way, you can run the PC to replace hot-pluggable hard drives.