LIN Stack

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LIN Stacks

 LIN Door no label

 The LIN stack from Warwick Control is generated from the NetGen LIN tool. It has the following Features:


  • Easy to use GUI (NetGen LIN) that allows you to specify Nodes, Schedules, Messages, Signals, Lookup and Value Tables.
  • Supports popular industry standard file formats (LIN Description File)
  • Different variants of LIN available (LIN v1.3, LIN 2.0 and AUTOSAR LIN)
  • MISRA compliant C code generated.
  • Layered design reduces cost for different hardware target through tool chain component reuse.
  • Editable source code templates available for code tailoring to in-house standards.
  • Automatic documentation generation
  • Support currently available for Atmel AVR and Tricore microcontrollers
  • Easy to support alternative microcontrollers due software layering

The NetGen LIN tool is shown below, showing the network display.