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The low-cost introduction to professional CAN analysis

As the "little brother" of the canAnalyser, the canAnalyser-lite provides the most important functions required for CAN analysis in a compact form.

Offering functions for online monitoring of bus traffic, for single-shot or cyclic transmission of messages and complete message sequences, for recording bus traffic with various trigger conditions and for statistical evaluation of bus traffic, it possesses the main functions for the analysis of Controller Area Network systems while providing a low-cost introduction. 

Since the configuration files and the project databases of both versions are compatible, it can be easily upgraded to the full version, if required.

The lite version contains the following modules:  

  • Receive module for receiving and displaying CAN messages
  • Transmit module for transmitting messages
  • Trace module for recording messages with filter and trigger functionality
  • Sequencer module for transmitting message sequences
  • Statistic module for displaying parameters and message frequencies
These modules correspond to those of the full version and are managed by means of the control panel that is also supplied.

In contrast to the canAnalyser, the canAnalyser-lite does not allow multiple instances of a module, has no open programming interface, and, can only be operated with one CAN bus.


  • Multilingual software for Windows 2000 /XP / Vista / Windows7 (32/64 bit)
  • Support of all CAN interfaces supplied by IXXAT
  • Support of 11- and 29-bit identifiers (CAN 2.0A/2.0B)
  • Timestamp for receive objects with a resolution of up to 1 µsec (depending on the used hardware)
  • Passive mode (no transmission of Ack bit and error frames, thus no interference of the CAN system by the canAnalyser
  • Detection and display of error frames
  • Online trace on hard disk with various trigger conditions
  • Display of the CAN controller status and the bus load
Hardware requirements
- PC with Windows 2000 /XP / Vista / Windows7 (32/64 bit)
- IXXAT CAN interface and CAN driver VCI

Contents of delivery
- Software as single user license, consisting of control panel, 
receive module, transmit module, trace module, replay 
module, sequencer module, statistic module 
- Database editor 
- User's manual 
- USB license key 

from Stock

Further information
A free demo version is available on our homepage 
The product homepage, with tutorial, tips and support can be found at 

Additional application
LIN analysis: With the LIN2CAN device it is possible to
monitor and transmit LIN messages with the canAnalyser. The LIN2CAN is configured as a gateway and converts the
LIN messages into CAN messages and vice versa. 

Comparison of functions of the 
canAnalyser and the canAnalyser-lite

  canAnalyser canAnalyser-lite
Receive Module x x
Transmit Module x x
Trace Module x x
Replay Module x x
Sequencer Module x x
Graphic Module x -
Statistic Module x x
Signal Module x -
CANopen Module o o
DeviceNet Module o o
SAE J1939 Module o o
Two channel capability x -
Open programming
x -
Scripting Host x -
Multiple Module
x -

x included in delivery specification
o optional
- not support

Order number
1.02.0166.00000 canAnalyser-lite

canAnalyser Bundles 
Order number
1.03.0166.00001 canAnalyser-lite, CANopen Module
USB-to-CAN compact galv. decoupled
1.03.0166.00002 canAnalyser-lite, DeviceNet Module
USB-to-CAN compact galv. decoupled
1.03.0166.00003 canAnalyser-lite, SAE J1939 Module
USB-to-CAN compact galv. decoupled