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POWERLINK interface board for PCI bus systems

WEEE and RoHS conformThe POWERLINK interface board enables the connection of PC host systems to POWERLINK syste


ms via the PCI bus. The POWERLINK functionality runs completely on the FPGA of the interface board. The POWERLINK interface board can work as a managing node (MN) and controlled node (CN) and has extremely fast response times (< 2µs). The synchronization message (SoC) is transmitted in MN mode with a jitter below 50 ns.
The interface provides process data to the host via the PCI bus. The board is able to process large quantities of data from systems with up to 240 CNs. It also supports cycle times down to 200 µs. The board is delivered including a driver for Windows and an API. Adaptation to other operating systems (e.g. RTX or VxWorks) is possible and can be performed by IXXAT.

Technical specifications / features

  • FPGA-based Ethernet controller with POWERLINK acceleration
  • Two port hub with two RJ45 connectors
  • Direct synchronization of several cards via separate SYNC line
  • Response times as MN/CN less than 2 µs
  • PCI in accordance with specification 2.2 (32 bit / 33 MHz, 5 / 3.3 Volt)
  • Temperature range 0 to +70 °C. Extended temperature range (-40 to +70 °C) on request

Fields of application

  • Host interface for PC based control applications (PLC)
  • PC interface for analysis, diagnostics and tests
  • Gateway for hierarchical POWERLINK systems in connection with a control application

Contents of delivery

  • PL-IB 300/PCI - POWERLINK PCI interface board
  • Driver and API for Windows 2000/XP
  • Manual and programming example