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Gateway for the integration of CANopen networks in POWERLINK systems

Product status Product announcement (this product is at the moment under development, dates on request)

WEEE and RoHS conformWith the POWERLINK Version V2, many CANopen communication mechanisms which have alrea

ETHERNET POWERLINK / CANopen网关 - 网关的以太网Powerlink系统集成CANopen网络中

dy proven to be very useful in CAN systems have been adopted for Ethernet. POWERLINK thus combines short cycle times and the high bandwidth of the Ethernet with the proven CANopen mechanisms such as the object model or process and service data communication. Finally, the POWERLINK can be regarded as a further development of the CANopen, to accommodate the increasing requirements of transmission bandwidth and network extension of today's applications.

Because of the great similarity between CANopen and POWERLINK, an extension or integration of CANopen systems with POWERLINK is achievable. Existing CANopen systems can be extended by POWERLINK in many ways with the aid of special POWERLINK/CANopen-Gateways. In this way, for example, several CANopen segments can also be linked with each other over large distances. In addition, central data logging can be carried out over several CANopen sub-segments due to the high bandwidth of the POWERLINK network.

With the aid of the POWERLINK/CANopen-Gateway, it is also possible to exchange service data between POWERLINK and CANopen networks in addition to the exchange of process data.

The IXXAT POWERLINK/CANopen-Gateway offers a simple way of combining CANopen and POWERLINK networks. From the point of view of the POWERLINK network, the gateway provides access to the input and output data of the CANopen network. With the aid of the configuration of the gateway, the process data that shall be exchanged between the CANopen and the POWERLINK network can be defined.


Picture: Coupling of POWERLINK and CANopen segments

On the CANopen side, the POWERLINK/CANopen-Gateway can be configured either as a master or as a slave. Synchronization of the CANopen network by the very precise POWERLINK SoC message is also possible. If the gateway is configured as a CANopen NMT master, start-up of the CANopen network can be synchronized with the POWERLINK network. It is also possible to route CANopen emergency messages into the POWERLINK network to allow for error monitoring of the CANopen network via POWERLINK.

Technical specifications/Features

  • POWERLINK controlled node in accordance with POWERLINK Version V2
  • CANopen master/slave function
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector
  • CANopen-compliant Sub-D connector
  • POWERLINK node ID adjustable via software
  • Display of the CANopen and POWERLINK network status via separate LEDs
  • Plastic housing for hat rail assembly

Areas of application

  • Extension of the topology of the CANopen systems with POWERLINK as a backbone network
  • Integration of already automated CANopen sub-systems in higher order POWERLINK network
  • Central logging of large quantities of process data via POWERLINK from CANopen sub-networks

Content of delivery

  • POWERLINK/CANopen-Gateway
  • Configuration software to set Powerlink node ID
  • Manual