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The fast introduction to the POWERLINK world

The POWERLINK Starter Kit is a complete set of devices for building a POWERLINK network and enables a quick start with the POWERLINK technology. It contains an Evaluation Kit for the Industrial Ethernet Module as well as a Managing Node PCI card and all necessary software packages and drivers for the implementation of a POWERLINK system.

ETHERNET Powerlink Starter Kit - Module Overview


The purpose of the IXXAT POWERLINK Starter Kit is to

  • provide an easy way to explore the POWERLINK technology, its performance and features
  • set up a POWERLINK reference network to perform tests with user specific POWERLINK implementations
  • provide a reference hardware/ software design that can be easily integrated into a customer device

Components and funtions of the Starter Kit

Evaluation Kit

The functionality of the Evaluation Kit is described in the chapter "Industrial Ethernet Module".


The POWERLINK PCI card provides the Managing Node functionality for the network. It is used by the PC-based control demo application. For implementing PC-based applications, the PCI card has a Windows driver API in C-source code.
In addition, a Windows-based control interface and a demo configuration for the Industrial Ethernet Module are included in the scope of supply.

POWERLINK Analysis Tool

The analysis tool can be used to trace the POWERLINK network traffic and to display the POWERLINK specific frame contents in detail. To run the analysis tool, a separate
standard Ethernet interface is required.

Contents of delivery

  • Evaluation Kit for the Industrial Ethernet Module
  • PL-IB 300/PCI - POWERLINK PCI card with driver for WIN2k/XP and demo program on CD
  • POWERLINK Analysis Software for Windows