SAE J1939 Designer

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SAE J1939 Designer

Editor and code generator for J1939 projects

Overview of functions

The SAE J1939 Designer is a powerful tool for creating and management of J1939 projects. A J1939 project consists of the definition of user-specific parameters (SPNs) and messages (PGNs), the description of J1939 network nodes as well as the specific configuration data of the J1939 application.

Thanks to the central definition of all relevant parameters in the form of XML files, C header files and application templates for the J1939 protocol software as well as configuration files for the J1939 API and J1939 canAnalyser module can be generated.  Errors due to inconsistent data or configurations between the various applications are thus avoided.

In the case of the J1939 protocol software, in addition to parameterization of the software, mapping functions and macros are also generated, which allow users to work at variable/parameter level. In addition, the configuration of the J1939 protocol software also provides the basis for automated testing and analysis applications.. 

Contents of delivery

  • SAE J1939 Designer
  • Code generators for the protocol stack, the J1939 API and the J1939 module for the canAnalyser
  • Database with J1939 standard messages and parameters
  • Sample projects
  • Manual as PDF
  • Technical support

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