Integrated power electronics simulation testbench

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With the promotion of new domestic energy development, hybrid development and other relevant research. Power electronics development and testing platform needs more and more. The application platform following are some industries and areas of application:
(1) wind power generation RCP, HIL platform
(2) hybrid electric vehicle RCP, HIL platform
(3) Marine Electrical propulsion system RCP, HIL platform
(4) Electric locomotive propulsion system RCP, HIL platform
(5) PMSM RCP, HIL platform
(6) BLDC  RCP, HIL platform

For these platforms, we can provide total solutions and system integration:
(1)Power electronic systems driver solutions, including DC motors, stepper motors, permanent magnet synchronous AC motor, etc.
(2)Motor controller Matlab / Simulink  modeling solution
(3) Motor controller Matlab / Simulink HIL modeling solution
(4) Motor FPGA-level modeling solutions
(5)Signal conditioning and Sensor simulation of Power Electrics