Realtime Sim System Integration

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There are more and more Controllers of a system. And the function of them are more and more complex. The number of the customer required the function testing, failure diagnosis testing, Network testing becoming more and more large. With the Realtime Simulation system the Customer can build a virtual test bench and a virtual plant environment. It can generate the sensor signal of the plant which can meet the requirement of the function testing, failure diagnosis testing, network testing and the auto-testing. It can do:

1. Simulate the environment of the plant, generate the sensor signal, build a close-loop testing system

2. Monitoring and calibration some parameters on-line, simulating environment with different operator, actual condition

3. Electrical failure simulation, Simulating complex failure state

4. Reproducing the failure mode

5. Realize the automation testing, and the process is reproduced

6. Multiple controller integration testing, and Network testing

7. Realtime simulation

8. Easy for maintenance and repair

With this platform, the customer can build a visual testbench and environment which can give variable working conditions. So they can test their controller in different environment, limit conditions, and also failure conditions in a systematic, wide range, Reproducible way. In this way it can reduce the cost, time and labor work comparing to the real plant testing .

PassionTech have many engineers focus at the HIL application. And also much experience of the development and testing, experience of cooperation with related R&D company. We can supply the customize and Turn-Key service, help the customer building a all platform or a Electrical Lab. All the work can make the customer focus at the deeper research and development but not the driver and the hardware. And also help the customer to improve their developing ability, shorten the product development cycle.



Graph: real-time simulation system are presented


(1) RealTime Simulation System Integration and application

(2) On-Shelf Professional ER-Sim-Sensor HIL Sensor electrical level simulation modules

(3) On-Shelf Professional ER-Sim-SC RCP System Signal condition modules

(4) On-Shelf Professional ER-Sim-Power: Power electrical Driver modules

(5) Failure insert unit

(6) Turn-Key service, all cabinet integration service, whole lab design and integration service, PC workstation platform design and integration service.


Passiontech can supply the components and the works for the HIL as below: