Basic real-time target machine

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The Basic real-time target machine is Speedgoat's entry machine. It's the one which comes closest to a standard desktop PC but offers similar industrial-strength features as our other real-time target machines. Furthermore the Basic real-time target machine is optimized for the use with xPC Target and shows excellent real-time performance.

For an interactive overview of what we put in each Basic real-time target machine click here.


The Basic real-time target machine impresses with its versatile and robust chassis, high-performance mainboard and CPU, complete set of drives and peripheral connectors, large I/O expansion capability, its optimization for the use with xPC Target, and by its quality and longer term supply.

Performance real-time target machine

Important: For new projects we strongly recommend the Performance real-time target machine over the Basic machine except if you are required to use full-length native PCI cards or the I/O modules connectors have to be accessible from the rear.