Modular real-time target machine

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The Modular real-time target machine offers the highest flexibility in terms of size and I/O expandability. The half-sized version of the chassis has space for up to six I/O modules, the standard version for seven, and the large version for 13 I/O modules.

The Modular real-time target machine is ideally suited for rackmount installation. Furthermore, because its chassis is lightweight and has also little depth and therefore occupies little volume, it is also very well suited for placement on a desktop and for placement in confined spaces like found in vehicles.

The Modular machine is based on the 3U CompactPCI (cPCI) standard providing a very clean, rugged, and professional design. The chassis (enclosure), power supply, bus backplane, and CPU-module are of highest quality.

To provide this highest quality and long term supply all major components of the Modular machine are designed and manufactured in Europe or North America. This machine doesn't make use of 'cheap' components from the Far East. This was a major design goal for this machine.

The CPU module with its Intel Pentium-M 1.8GHz CPU is a very solid performer and shows excellent real-time performance under xPC Target.

The Modular machine is Speedgoat's machine which likes a lot of I/O modules. Up to 13 I/O modules can be added without causing any power, cooling, or bus load problems.

And because the Modular machine is based on the cPCI standard it is also the machine which comes closest to PXI systems and therefore can be seen as Speedgoat's 'PXI offering' for real-time environments optimized for xPC Target.

Last but not least Speedgoat's Modular machine is optimized for the use with xPC Target and comes ready to work out of the box with MathWorks' model based design software.