Performance real-time target machine

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This machine combines all major characteristics of a powerful real-time target machine in a cost-effective package.

The Performance machine is Speedgoat's mainstay target machine for office and lab use and can be placed on a desk or installed in a rack. This target machine is used in a broad range of application areas and industry sectors.


Ø         Highest CPU performance up to 3.60GHz GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel i5)

Ø         Leverages xPC Target multi-core support

Ø         Room for up to 17 I/O modules using Performance-IOExpansion options

Ø         Light-weight and space-effective aluminum chassis with high-grade EMI sealing

Ø         Ideal for desktop use and rack mounting

Ø         All I/O and peripheral connectors accessible from the front

Ø         Effective low-noise cooling concept

Ø         High-end fan-less (0dB) 400W universal range power supply (100-240V, 50/60Hz)

Ø         Made and optimized for the use with Simulink and xPC Target

Ø         Highest quality and long-term supply