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Shanghai Passiontech Information Co.,Ltd was founded at 2003; We are the leading Industry Company Total Service Suppler. There are 4 Parts of business of Passiontech. Chinese biggest Industry products Distributor and Channel Resaller; Industry system integrator; Servey Service for the Company. Finance service for the Company.

1:Industry Products Distributor and Channel Resaller

Passiontech are the leading Industry Products Channel Resaller and distributobr in China.

It is easy for the customer to choose and buy the Products from us.

There are seval Ordering channle for the customer
(1) Common Channel:

Several Ordering type:

Tel Ordering:400-878-1895(7x24h HotLine)

Fax Ordering021-51561359

Email Orderingsales@tnkey.cn

Online Ordering:51LM.cn/shop


(2)Emergency Channel

Passiontech on-Stack Products Channel:

tnkey.taobao.com SegMarket Partner for Supplier,Online Dealing ,Get the products imediealy

(3)Mass Protucts Channel:

Passiontech Large Number Channel:51LM.cn/tuan We Could together more Case to get a more large discount. So the make the more Cheap cost for the buyer

The Products are the types below:

1)Industry Bus

CAN,CANOpen,LIN,FlexRay,EtherCAT,Profibus, Hardware and Software
2)Insttry Automation

Semiens,Schenider,Beckhoff,Advantange, ABB,Phinex Contacter,Kinco,Wellid Milaer, MEAS, and Such On famous brand Products(IPC,PLC, Sensor, Motor and Driver.)


Fluke, Tektronix,Keithley Yokogawa,Pico,AMETEK, the Products: Mutlti-Meter,thermometer ,Scope,

Programable PowerSupplier,High Low Temperature Cabinet

(4)Industry Research System

3-D Crane ,ABS,Magnetic levitation Demo system. inverted pendulum system,Helicopter demo system.

(5)Embedded system

Embeded system Card,RTOS ,IC(Renesas,NXP,NI,ADI)and Such On

2:Industry system Intgrator

Passiontech System Integration51LM.cn/turnkey
The Products and service which we suppied::
Products develop :EtherCAT,CANOpen industry Products developing ,Embedded products developing ,PLC and the control system Intigraion;
Products Testing :Automtive , Airplant Engine Tesitng

Passiontech have joined in some association of the industry. such as the EtherCAT and Scit

Passiontech have so much experince with integration and using the products which Passiontech as the distributor in China. .So of this Products Passiontech are the sole agent in China. such as Podium, Inteco, RA and such.on .


The,emploee of Passiontech have reached to 120 at the middle of 2013. There are many elite of them . There are a Professor from a University, and server Doctors and Masters.

For the techinical side, Passiontech have get serval register Brands (Such as Passiontech, NonoBank, Lediaoyan),Regitered Software, and patients



3.Industry Finace suppier

Nonobank Investment Platform. nonobank.com, , a New P2P Mode finace service.

4.Industry servey Service suppier.

Lediaoyan, the Servey service suppier in China.


5:Branchs in China:

Shanghai Passion Information Tech Co., Ltd(HeadCouter)
Address: Rm.28F,Building T1,Jiahui Plaza No.2601,Xietu Road ,Xuhui District.Shanghai.China
+86-021-5187 0017
+86-021-5156 1359

WebSite: www.tnkey.cn

Beijing Passion Information Services Co., Ltd.(Branch Company)

AddressRoom:1720,Xiandai Cheng,Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China

Wuhan Passion M&E equipment Co.,Ltd(Branch Company)

AddressRoom:4-302,SBI Street,East Lake Development District, Wuhan, Hubei, P.R. China, 430074

Guangzhou Passion Automation Co., Ltd.(Branch Company)

AddressNew Gang west Street,Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, P.R. China