CAN Card Realtime simulation

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Intelligent CAN module with 2 isolated and software-selectable high/low speed CAN ports

This module is a very versatile intelligent CAN-bus I/O module. Due to the on-board microcontroller and its firmware which handles incoming and outgoing CAN messages autonomously the real-time target machine's main CPU is offloaded from directly managing the low-level flow of CAN messages. The module offers 2 isolated CAN ports. Each port can be software-selected for highspeed or lowspeed operation. The xPC Target driver blockset for this module offers a complete Setup block and various types of Receive and Transmit blocks supporting FIFO mode as well as Object mode.

Each IO601 I/O module comes with xPC Target driver blocks and Simulink test models and an external I/O cable for easy loopback testing.

This I/O module in the PMC form factor and can be used in any Speedgoat real-time target machine with the exception of the Classic real-time target machine.



  • 2 galvanically isolated CAN 2.0b ports
  • Software selectable highspeed/lowspeed mode (individually for each channel)
  • Powerful on-board microcontroller running low-level CAN firmware
  • 'Lean' on-board CAN firmware leads to minimal receive and transmit driver block latencies
  • Extensive xPC Target driver blockset
  • Support for SAE J1939 upon request
  • Setup driver block downloads microcontroller firmware each time a target application is initialized: Easy update of firmware

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